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How do I place an order
You need to be a customer of Merry X-Ray/SourceOne and create a login on this site to place an order. Once you are logged in to the site - place items in your cart then click the shopping cart link in the upper right corner of any page. In the shopping cart you can click the Proceed to Checkout button.
How do I log in
On the top of every page is a Log In link. Click that link and it will take you to the log in form.
Already have an account - Register Now
If you already have an account and have been faxing orders in - just complete the registration form. You will need your account number and a valid email address. We do two things - make sure the account is set up for web orders and load all shipping addresses into the website so you can select them. Once this is complete we will activate your online account. You will receive an email that your registration has been received and a second email when the account is activated.
Not a customer - Here is how you get started:
Complete the Credit application - even if you want to pay by credit card. We use this information to enter your facility into our ERP system. You will get a customer number back that you can use when registering on the site. Why do we need this? Because our ERP system keeps track of products for order fulfillment as well as pricing and shipping addresses.
How long will it take to be able to order online
Usually online accounts are turned on the same day they are registered. You will need your account number to register online. Don't know your account number? Call (800) 635-9729.  You will recieve an email confirming the account set up has been completed. If you are a new customer submitting a credit application it will take a couple business days before you can register and order online.
Updating Account Information
Have new addresses? Need to remove old addresses? We cannot change that on the web - it needs to be changed in our backend ERP system. We will need the change request on letterhead. Contact Customer Service at (800) 635-9729 for the correct contact and fax number to send updated information to.
How do I contact customer service?
For questions about your order or the product we offer, please contact our Customer Service department at (800) 635-9729 during the hours of 8:00 am to 7:30 pm (EST) Monday through Friday. OR you can choose to use the Online Chat.
Business Hours and Orders
All orders are processed during regular business hours Monday through Friday. An order placed after hours on Friday will be processed on Monday morning.
Order processing During the Day
Orders go from the website into our ERP system hourly during the business day. The order status email with a confirmation number from our ERP system could take two hours to come back to you.
Forgot My Password
It happens to us all! Just go to the Login Screen and click the forgot password link. You will only need to type in your email address you used on this site and you will receive a new password with in minutes. If you do not receive an email perhaps you used a different email address? If that still does not work let us know! Fill out the Contact Form on this site and we'll take a look.

Products / Pricing

Pricing is part of the registration set up process. We check to see if your facility is part of a buying group, or any other contracted pricing. Once your account is set up online it should pull the correct contract pricing. If not please let us know! Contact Customer Service at (800) 635-9729.
Products with Call for Price
If a product shows up as Call for Price on the site something did not match up for this product. An alert is sent to the site administrator and they will look the product up to resolve the issue. Just visit the product page a little later and it should be showing a price.
Products that cannot be added to the cart
Occasionally we may have products listed that are not able to be added to a shopping cart. There should be a message in the description of the product telling you why. Usually it would be for a manufacturer back order situation. If you have quesitons about these products don't hesitate to contact Customer Service at (800) 635-9729 or use the Online Chat.
Need SDS - Safety Data Sheets
Our copies of SDS and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are on this site on the product pages or at Click Here for MSDS/SDS. I f there is one you cannot find just let us know! If we have not received an SDS we will still have the MSDS for the product.

Shipping / International Orders / Warranty / Returns

International Orders
Merry X-Ray/SourceOne does not ship products outside of the United States.
Delivery of Product
Products stocked at local warehouses will deliver the fastest based on order date and delivery schedule. Direct ship products will depend on manufacturer supply and lead time. Contact our Customer Service department at (800) 635-9729 to find out more about a specific product you need.
Due to the nature of the products we sell we accept returns on a limited number of products. Please contact our Customer Service department at (800) 635-9729. We also have terms and conditions listed on our corporate site at
Warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer.
Merry X-Ray/SourceOne has a large team of highly trained Field Service Engineers through out the United States. Contact our Service Department at (800) 693-2620.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)