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Precision Photometer


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Product Name
SKU: 122492 - MFR: 07-621 - Precision Photometer
SKU: 107380 - MFR: 07-621-6341 - Precision Photometer with rotating illuminance receptor
SKU: 116231 - MFR: 07-621-6342 - Precision Photometer with rigid 1 inch fiber-optic probe


Precision Photometer

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  • Precision Photometer Flexible 12” fiber-optic probe
  • Precision Photometer Rotating illuminance receptor
  • Precision Photometer Frigid 1-inch fiber-optic probe

Precision Photometer

Photometers are required for medical, scientific, and laboratory applications. This Precision Photometer utilizes a filtered sensor with spectral response tightly calibrated to the CIE photo pic response. The illuminance receptors closely follow the Cosine Law relative sensitivity versus angle of illuminance.

The Precision Photometer is a highly accurate instrument designed to measure both illuminance (the amount of light falling on a surface) in lux (lumens per m2) and luminance (the amount of light emitted from a surface) in nit (candela per m2).

The Precision Photometer easily and quickly verifies that an x-ray collimator light and/or CT system light source used for patient alignment and localization is in accordance with regulations and guidelines. It also measures the brightness and uniformity of an x-ray view box, quickly detecting non-uniformity (which may appear as artifacts, causing misdiagnosis). This battery-operated photometer has a bright LED display and only two operating controls: “Measure” for taking a reading, and “Range” to adjust the meter display to the light level being measured.

  • The luminance of view boxes for interpretation or QC of mammography images meets or exceeds minimum levels
  • Ambient illuminance levels are below prescribed levels
  • Viewing conditions have been optimized
  • NIST-traceable
  • Performs required ACR (NITS) measurements


  • Easy to read digital display
  • Small...convenient to carry and supplied with its own carrying case
  • Rugged construction
  • Measure button: press it to get continuously updated readings. Releasing the measure button freezes the last reading for convenient reference
  • Range button: adjusts the measurement display for the resolution desired
  • LED display: visible in very dim light, as well as direct sunlight. LED displays are inherently robust in comparison to liquid crystal displays (LCDs)
  • The battery-powered photometer provides tens of thousands of readings


Product Specifications

Illuminance measured in lux (foot-candles); or luminance measured in candela/m2 (nit)
Readout display

Three-digit LED, 0.25 inch high

0.1 to 999,000 lux or nits candela/m2), equivalent to 0.01 to 99,000 foot candles

Within 7% of full scale range, for light sources between 2500° and 5400° Kelvin
Electrical accuracy

1% plus 2 digits

Silicon photodiode with photometric filter
Response curve shape

Close match to CIE photopic response curve
Power requirements

Type A-76 alkaline button cells or silver oxide equivalents
Dimensions (WxDxH)

7 cm x 3 cm x 10 cm (2.8 in x 1.2 in x 4 in)

0.11 kg (0.25 lb)



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