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Conray 60 Iothalamate Meglimine Injection USP 60%


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Product Name
SKU: 102234 Conray Glass Vial - 30 mL
SKU: 117615 Conray Glass Vial - 50 mL
SKU: 125500 Conray Glass Bottle - 100 mL
SKU: 108838 Conray Glass Bottle - 150 mL


Conray™ Iothalamate Meglimine Injection USP 60%


Conray™ 60 Iothalamate Meglimine Injection USP 60%

Conray® is an injectable, ionic, high osmolar contrast media agent packaged in glass vials and bottles. Conray® is a prescription drug that is therapeutically and biologically inert when injected into the body for use in organ or tissue enhancement in CT, X-Ray and Flouroscopy imaging procedures. Each mL of Conray contains 600 mg of iothalamate meglumine, 0.09 mg edetate calcium disodium as a stabilizer and 0.125 mg of monobasic sodium phosphate as a buffer. The solution provides 28.2% (282mg.mL) organically bound iodine. Conray® is indicated for use in Excretory Urography, Cerebral Angiography, Peripheral Arteriography, Venography, Arthrography, Direct Cholangiography, Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), CT of the Head and Body, IV-DSA, and IA-DSA. For pediatric indications refer to package insert.

102234 30mL Glass Vial 095323 000190-953-23 25/case
117615 50mL Glass Vial 095305 000190-953-05 25/case
125500 100mL Glass Bottle 095310 000190-953-10 12/case
108838 150mL Glass Bottle 095350 000190-953-50 12/case
Additional Information
Manufacturer GUERBET, LLC
Packaging CASE
Short Description Conray 60 Iothalamate Meglimine Injection USP 60%
RX License Required Yes

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)