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Magnet Always On 4 x 10 inch Sign


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Product Name
SKU: 124563 MAGNET ALWAYS ON 4" x 10" Sign - ENGLISH
SKU: 108132 MAGNET ALWAYS ON 4" x 10" Sign - SPAINSH


Magnet Always On 4 x 10 sign


Magnet Always On 4 x 10 inch Sign

High-visibility red, black, and white warning signs are virtually impossible to miss.

Two security signs mounted at an entrance to the magnet room itself alert everyone who enters that loose metallic objects may become dangerous projectiles.

Don't let your safety warnings get left behind the door. If your door opens against the wall, consider posting signs on each side of the door. Make sure your warning signs are visible, whether the door is open or shut.

These signs come in Decal form or 1/16" Vinyl with two adhesive strips.

If the language you need is not listed please call us for further details on how to obtain this sign in the language you need.


English SKU: 420999
Spanish SKU: 421000

Additional Information
Manufacturer MAGMEDIX, INC.
Packaging EACH
Short Description Magnet Always On 4 x 10 inch Sign