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Product Name
SKU: 128607 Magnevist 5 mL Single-use Vials
SKU: 128608 Magnevist 10 mL Single-use vials
SKU: 128609 Magnevist 15 mL Single-use Vials
SKU: 128650 Magnevist 20 mL Single-use Vials
SKU: 112920 Magnevist 10 mL Prefilled Syringe
SKU: 112921 Magnevist 15 mL Prefilled Syringe
SKU: 101739 Magnevist 20 mL Prefilled Syringe
SKU: 114683 Magnevist 50 mL Bulk Vials
SKU: 123787 Magnevist 100 mL Bulk Vials




Magnevist (gadopentetate dimeglumine) Injection

Magnevist® from Bayer HealthCare/ Berlex Magnevist (brand of gadopentetate dimeglumine) injection is the N-methylglucamine salt of the gadolinium complex of diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid, an injectable contrast medium for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to be administered by intravenous injection. Each mL contains 469.01 mg gadopentetate dimeglumine, 0.39 mg meglumine, 0.15 mg diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid and water for injection. A clear, colorless to slightly yellow solution which contains no antimicrobial preservative.


128607   5mL single-dose Glass Vials, rubber stoppered 5041918881 50419-188-05 20/Case
128609 265855 15mL single-dose Glass Vials, rubber stoppered 5041918883 50419-188-83 20/Case
128650 261389 20mL single-dose Glass Vials, rubber stoppered 5041918884 50419-188-84 20/Case
112920 404826 10mL Prefilled Disposable Syringe 5041918836 50419-188-36 5/Case
112921 404827 15mL Prefilled Disposable Syringe 5041918837 50419-188-37 5/Case
101739 404828 20mL Prefilled Disposable Syringe 5041918838 50419-188-38 5/Case
114683 415193 50mL Vials Pharmacy Bulk Package 5041918858 50419-188-58 10/Case
123787 415194 100mL Vials Pharmacy Bulk Package 5041918811 50419-188-11 10/Case
128608 103044 10mL Vials single-dose 5041918882 50419-188-82 20/Case

NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS: There has been a change in packaging for the SINGLE DOSE VIALS. All single dose product will come in case packs containing 20 vials. 

Additional Information
Packaging CASE
Short Description Magnevist injection is indicated for the use with MRI in adults and pediatric patients
RX License Required Yes

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)