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Motorized Cassette Holder


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Product Name
SKU: 112100 Motorized Cassette Holder 14 x 51
SKU: 106027 Motorized Cassette Holder 14 x 36




Motorized Cassette Holders

Effortless positioning of the cassette in this motorized cassette holder is achieved by simply pressingthe buttons that operate the two-speed motor to raise or lower it. The high speed permits fastpositioning, the low speed allows fine adjustment. At a point three inches from the floor it stopsto enable the operator to set the lower speed to continue to the floor slowly to avoid collisions.This allows an image to be taken from the floor up. The extra long travel achieves a maximumheight of 83” above the floor.

This unique cassette holder is equipped with an electronic digital height scale, which is switchablebetween inches and centimeters, to further simplify its use.

Finish: light grey baked enamel.

Casssette Format     Travel       External Dimensions          Shipping Weight  
14x51 inches            83 inches  21.125" W x 83" H x 7" D     230lbs
14x36 inches            83 inches  21.125" W x 83" H x 7" D     230 lbs

Maximum opening for Grid 312"

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Manufacturer S & S X-RAY PRODUCTs
Packaging EACH
Short Description Motorized Cassette Holder