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Osborne Head Support System

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Osborne Head Support System

The Osborne Head Support System consists of a headrest mounted on a support stand. A chin piece has been added to provide more stability and comfort. Four knobs used with the Support Stand allow adjustment of the headrest to control precisely the angle of the face piece. The headrest is a modified Duncan Headrest. It is comfortable, and provides a good airway for tubing and wire mechanisms. Its other methods of positioning. With a large, flat base edged with a rubber channel, and with sturdy Plexiglas side-­?supports for the headrest, the Support Stand is designed to obviate slippage. The Velcro straps attached to the Stand assist in maintaining the head in the desired position. The entire Head Support System is radiolucent and does not affect the radiographic techniques.


Myelographic Examinations: The Osborne was designed for positioning of the head with the patient's body in the prone position essential for most myelographic examinations. The Osborne allows carefully controlled head extension to maintain the contrast agent in the area of interest, and allows a controlled hyper-­?extension of the neck. Because the angle is adjustable, the degree of head extension may be altered during a study to effect a more appropriate distribution of the contrast agent.

Prone CT Examinations: Slight alterations in the head position, often necessary to clear patient artifacts while performing a CT examination, can be readily obtained and maintained with the Osborne.

Prone Surgical Procedures: The Osborne has proven useful for a variety of surgical procedures which require the patient to be prone. The open mouth and nose area allow the insertion of tubes and wire devices through the patient's mouth and nose for surgery.

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SKU 000000000000125104
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