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Visipaque 270 +PLUSPAK


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Product Name
SKU: 114197 Visipaque 270 - 50 mL Polymer Bottle +PlusPak
SKU: 113802 Visipaque 270 - 100 mL Polymer Bottle +PlusPak
SKU: 123262 Visipaque 270 - 150 mL Polymer Bottle +PlusPak
SKU: 114462 Visipaque 270 - 200 mL Polymer Bottle +PlusPak


Visipaque 270 +PLUSPAK


Visipaque 270 +PLUSPAK

VISIPAQUE Injection is provided as a ready-to-use sterile, pyrogen-free, colorless to pale yellow solution, in concentrations of 270 and 320 mg of organically bound iodine per mL (550 and 652 mg of iodixanol per mL, respectively). Sodium chloride and calcium chloride have been added, resulting in an isotonic solution for injection. VISIPAQUE 270 (270 mgI/mL) contains 0.074 mg calcium chloride dihydrate per mL and 1.87 mg sodium chloride per mL, and VISIPAQUE 320 (320 mgI/mL) contains 0.044 mg calcium chloride dihydrate per mL and 1.11 mg sodium chloride per mL, providing for both concentrations a sodium/calcium ratio equivalent to blood. In addition, each milliliter contains 1.2 mg tromethamine and 0.1 mg edetate calcium disodium. The pH is adjusted to 7.4 with hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide to achieve a range between pH 6.8 and 7.7 at 22°C. All solutions are terminally sterilized by autoclaving and contain no preservatives.

Visipaque radiographic contrast is available in +PLUSPAK polymer bottle packaging

+PLUSPAK polymer bottles offer numerous advantages over traditional glass packaging, including decreased cost of waste disposal, reduced storage, and improved workplace safety for the healthcare workers who administer contrast media to patients.

+PLUSPAK achieves these benefits through its patented design and pharmaceutical-grade polypropylene composition, which result in smaller, lighter and safer packaging than glass. Designed with workplace safety and convenience in mind.

114197 412895 50 mL Polymer Bottle +PlusPak V-550 0407-2222-16 10/Box
113802 410744 100 mL Polymer Bottle +PlusPak V-552 0407-2222-17 10/Box
123262 410745 150 mL Polymer Bottle +PlusPak V-554 0407-2222-19 10/Box
114462 414677 200 mL Polymer Bottle +PlusPak V-556 0407-2222-21 10/Box
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Short Description Visipaque 270 +PLUSPAK
RX License Required Yes

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